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I‘m a digital product designer from Denmark who likes drinking coffee from funny cups ☕

As part of a job search I found myself googling for a solution when really I was asking the wrong question.

Originally written for SaaS Design’s blog. Head on over there now to read the full article. (Don’t worry, Karen, it’s still free.)

Illustration by DrawKit

Take some advice from a 400-year-old talking tree.

Just for clarification I actually did not make this meme.

My onboarding task as the new Product Designer of Learningbank’s Learning Platform was to redesign it.

Hello, Figma! 👋 (Updated April 2020)

Last summer I wanted to quit design and become a painter.

When life gives you lemons, design a Lemonade brand 🍋

This article was originally a talk at the PUSH UX Conference 2018 in Munich; watch it here.

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